Innovations in Web Programming Nets

More and more companies and non-profits are building video programming networks of their own and it is changing the face of video distribution and marketing forever. It’s no longer enough to produce one off promo videos for a web site home page. Smart marketing demands dynamic programming development. The multi-platform video distribution universe now consists of Web sites, APPS, Facebook, You Tube, Vimeo, e-mail direct mail and other outlets. All of these sites need fresh programming that people want to watch and be engaged by. It needs to be entertaining. It needs to be informative. It needs to be essential and highly on-demand centric.

Some companies are on the cutting edge developing editorial programming strands to accompany their promo/informational segments. Some categories of program strands: Thought Leadership. Human-interest personality profiles. Doc Case Studies. Live streaming events. Comedy. These are just some of the formats being embraced.

For instance, Above the Line Programming recently created a new series of programming strands for Cybex, makers of high-end fitness equipment The new programming initiative called My Cybex featured profiles of NFL and extreme athletes. In the same package, a series of short form QR code APP videos demonstrate how to use their fitness machines right at the gym point-of-use. Another series of videos featured profiles of top fitness clubs and professionals.  The package consisted of over 65 videos and were all produced in tandem creating series efficiencies and a robust library for future use.

Here’s a sample link (( )

For the charity Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, ATL produced a package of programming for fundraising featuring the voice of actor and Camp friend Alec Baldwin. It is seen on the charities web site, at special events, on corporate partner intranets, Facebook and You Tube channels. (

Other companies that are setting the creative bar is sportswear leader Puma ( and Fidelity Investments ( ) to name just a few examples.

All of these companies are realizing that by building a strategic video programming library they can make long form video become a critical part of their ongoing marketing and communications mix.