“Your NICU Baby”

A breakthrough hospital video series delivered by Tablet and/or Smartphone

Your NICU Baby

Hospitals are more and more being mandated by regulatory bodies to provide critical patient education and many are turning to video to meet those demands. Some forward thinking hospitals such as the Mayo and Cleveland Clinics have created their own video-programming channels in house. Others hospitals have turned to airing innovative video networks from network program suppliers like the Newborn and Patient Channels from the Wellness Network to produce segments that inform and educate patients.

However, reaching underserved patient audiences is the real challenge for hospitals. For instance, parents who discover that their new baby needs to be in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for treatment are often in desperate need for answers to their babies’ condition and prognosis. To date, easily accessible information about life in the NICU has been scarce. “Your NICU Baby”, a new 45-episode on-demand video library produced by Above the Line Programming is filling that need.

The “Your NICU Baby” Video Library will be offered by hospitals to families who will access the programming and print support materials on customized tablets, Smartphone’s and on-line. Hospitals will subscribe to the Your NICU Baby service and offer it free to parents, many of which have their baby reside in the NICU for weeks or even months. For their baby to grow and be healthy parents are expected to be active participants in the care of their new baby in the NICU and Your NICU Baby shows parents critical information about their babies’ condition and life in the NICU.

The “Your NICU Baby” Video Library is extensive with a comprehensive series of short informative documentary style titles covering parent baby care, prematurity, technology, surgery, infection prevention, lung, brain and heart issues, breastfeeding, post-partum depression and other key topics.

Leading healthcare video production company, Above the Line Programming, shot the instructional documentary series at some of the top NICU’ s around the country including Baylor Medical, UCLA and Loma Linda Hospital. The production included interviews with some of Americas leading Neonatologists, surgeons and NICU nurses as well as case studies of parents who are facing the daunting challenge of having their baby in a round the clock NICU setting.

The benefits of the “Your NICU Baby” Video Library to the hospitals and families are many fold. It makes the doctor/family encounter more meaningful as parents already have a base knowledge of the workings of the NICU and potential medical conditions. Doctors and nurses spend less time explaining complex medical information thus freeing them up for more critical care.

NICU Parents can access the programming on supplied tablets and/or on-line mobile links during the parents hospital baby care time which can often last for hours a day, They learn that the NICU doesn’t have to be such a scary place but a setting that will nurture and care for their new baby. Finally, parents will hear from other parents who share their emotional NICU experiences and impart ways to adjust to life in the NICU as well as when the baby comes home.

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